What You Can Learn from Rejected House Sales

Michael Kenny
  • Oct 04, 2021
  • 3 min to Read
What You Can Learn from Rejected House Sales

It can be hard to find a buyer for your house, and it’s even tougher when the only feedback you get from a rejected sale is ‘not suitable’. 

However, with the right feedback, rejected house sales are critical sources of information for sellers because they provide valuable data that you can use to make your property more attractive to buyers.

To help out, we’ve put together a quick guide on why getting feedback from these properties is so important and what you can learn from them.

Why feedback from rejections is such an important tool

Think of the feedback from rejected house sales as market research. Just like any other product, your house is going to need to shape its offering to what customers want. 

Certain aspects of your home, such as size, location, and layout, are beyond your control, but there are always other variables you can change.  

By learning what these variables are, you can begin to understand what the market is looking for and adjust your home accordingly.

How do you collect that valuable feedback? 

The first step in getting that all-important feedback from house viewings is to impress on your agent that you want them to collect any and all information possible from potential buyers.  

The more, the better!  Every comment is useful for understanding what your home does and doesn’t have.

Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as it sounds. As a society, we’re just not comfortable with giving critical feedback unless we absolutely have to. 

We don’t want to hurt feelings, so we’ll often give useless feedback like a bland “not suitable” instead of being constructive.

What this means is that, unless you’re conducting the viewings yourself, you’ll need to get your agent on board with getting feedback from viewers. 

The good news is, an experienced agent will be able to put viewers at their ease and draw some of that all-important feedback out of them. 

What to do with critical feedback?

Once you start getting feedback from rejected sales, the first thing you need to do is take your ego out of the equation. You might love your lime green statement wall, but if every viewer winces as soon as they see it, it’s got to go.

Remember, the aim here is to sell the property, not make an interior design statement.

Some feedback isn’t going to be actionable. You can’t make the garden bigger, rearrange the location of the rooms, or magic up an outdoor firepit. 

However, you can make little changes here and there that remove any obvious stumbling blocks in the selling process. 

The reality is that shaping your property offering to match buyer feedback is largely free, can be very effective, and is certainly more cost-effective than just dropping your asking price. 

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