Five Reasons You Haven’t Sold Your Home Yet

Michael Kenny
  • Oct 11, 2021
  • 4 min to Read
Five Reasons You Haven’t Sold Your Home Yet

You’ve probably heard the story before. A homeowner decides to put their house up for sale. They list the property, but after months on the market without any offers, they start to lose hope. After all this time and effort, why haven’t they sold their home yet?

Many sellers are unaware of the reasons that they haven’t been able to sell their property and not all of those reasons are immediately obvious.  

This blog post is designed to help you identify the five most common reasons why your home has not yet found a buyer.

You launched at the wrong time of year 

As odd as it sounds, the time of year during which you launch your sale might have a significant impact on your chances of making a sale.

It is generally accepted that there are better times of the year to sell than others. These generally coincide with periods when buyers have more free time and less competition for homes on the market.

Additionally, every house has an ideal buyer and those buyers have their own preferred time of the year to move. For example, retirees tend to move in the summer, while families move in the fall.

Understanding the peaks and lows of the market and when your target buyer is most likely looking to move can change your chances of a sale dramatically.

You chose the wrong estate agent 

Not all estate agents are created equal. Some are better, or more experienced at selling homes than others. The wrong agent could also damage your chances of success if they don’t have the marketing tools needed to properly get you noticed and drive buyers through your home.

Making sure you’ve contracted with an experienced realtor who understands your local area and market, like Northwest Realty Group, can make all the difference in getting your home sold.

Your house isn’t ready for viewings 

Stating your house for a sale is more than just giving it a quick tidy, dusting, and putting up a ‘For Sale sign. Your property needs to be immaculate if you want buyers to take it seriously as an investment opportunity.

If there are things that need fixing or updating then now is the time to do them before showings begin, not after.

If your house isn’t ready for viewings you could lose serious interest from prospective buyers who may look elsewhere because they think your home won’t suit their lifestyle in its current state of disrepair.

Your photography isn’t displaying your property in the best light

Brightly lit, well-composed shots taken from a flattering angle are the key to attracting viewings.

Moody, poorly-lit photos that are taken from the wrong angle might put buyers off seeing your home in person because they can’t see it clearly enough through a grainy internet image.

You haven’t priced your home competitively 

The price tag on any property can make all the difference in how quickly it sells; setting too high a figure will put off potential buyers while selling at below market value means less profit when you eventually sell.

Making sure you do your research and understand the realistic value of your house is key to setting a price that will attract buyers without wasting time.

It’s easy to get caught up in how much your home was worth six months ago, but what really matters right now are today’s prices.

The housing market can change rapidly and if you haven’t checked recently then there could be substantial differences between when you first decided to sell and current figures – this means setting an accurate asking price is more important than ever before.

If you aren’t sure where to start with valuing homes for sale, enlisting expert help might give you peace of mind that you’ve listed your property at a competitive price.

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We’re here to help you make home buying and selling an easy and enjoyable process from start to finish. 
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