Winter Home Sale Preparations: 11 Tips

Michael Kenny
  • Dec 09, 2021
  • 4 min to Read
Winter Home Sale Preparations: 11 Tips

Preparing for a winter home sale can be difficult. You have to make sure your house is ready to be seen, the weather needs to cooperate, and you need to do all of this before Christmas! That’s why we’ve put together a list of 11 tips that will help prep your home for a successful winter sale.

  1. Price It Right – Winter is a great time to sell, but you’re likely going to have more trouble getting the price that your house deserves. Before sellers list their homes in winter, they need to make sure their home is priced right (not too high or low) for this market!
  1. Embrace The Cold – Even if it’s cold outside, open up all of those windows and let some fresh air come inside! This will help freshen up the smell throughout your whole home, You can even open them while you are hosting an open house so potential buyers can get a glimpse of what it feels like during warm weather months.
  1. Clean That House – It might not seem like much fun when there’s snow on the ground, but it’s important to finally get that house clean before you list. Sellers often wait until the last minute because they are so busy during holiday seasons – don’t make this mistake!
  1. Give Your House A Facelift – If your home is older, now might be a good time for some major renovations or updates. This will help buyers see how much potential there is in your home.
  1. Take Care Of The Yard Now – Just like the inside of the house smells and looks better when it is cleaned regularly, the exterior of your home looks much better when you keep up with it.
  1. Hire A Good Photographer – Take pictures now and hire a professional photographer to take shots that will show off what makes your house so special. This is important because buyers often rely on online photos as part of their decision-making process.
  1. Make It Easy To Visit – If buyers can’t get in to see the house, they will likely move on. Make sure you plan ahead and have a lockbox installed so that your realtor has access at all times during showings. Make sure your house is easy to show by keeping it clean and clutter-free. You want buyers to be able to visualize themselves living in the home, and it’s hard to do that when there are piles of toys everywhere.
  1. Show Off Your Home’s Benefits – Whether it is three bedrooms or one big garage, make sure you communicate what makes your home unique in your marketing materials.
  1. Get Your House Ready For Winter – Sometimes small things like making sure all of your windows are caulked and adding insulation can make a big difference when it comes time to sell.
  1. Fix Anything That Is Broken Or Damaged – If there are any obvious repairs that need to be made, now is the time to take care of them. Buyers will often deduct the cost of necessary repairs from their offer, so it’s better to have the work done before you show your home.
  1. Include An Expiration Date On Offers – Let buyers know that their offers will expire after a certain period of time so they don’t delay putting an offer together if their circumstances change. You can also suggest a backup contract on terms agreeable to both parties while still encouraging full-price offers from interested parties who might be competing with backup contracts already accepted by other sellers.

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