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Having grown up in Las Vegas and having been friends with each other since attending the same elementary school, some would say a business partnership was an inevitability. Our inherent drive, thirst for knowledge, and desire to be of service makes us a force to be reckoned with. Our main focus is in changing the way Real Estate transactions occur. Both our strengths and weaknesses complement that of the other. It is our opinion that you will not be able to find a more competent, up and coming, and dynamic duo in the Las Vegas’ entire pool of Realtors. With the advancement of technology and the widespread distribution of information, there is a bevy of misleading data and conflicting information advice as it pertains to the Real Estate industry and transaction process. We are able and more than willing to accurately, comprehensively, and intuitively break down the complexities of the Real Estate transaction process to our clients so that their experience goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. You will see this from day one working with us, where will receive various supplementary documents of what to expect during the real estate process, timelines, estimated cost sheets, and much more. We have formed this partnership with one goal in mind: Real Estate Literacy.

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  • Provide access to top professionals used during your home purchasing process
  • Create a customized Home Buyer's Guide to Success
  • Provided access to high demand properties
  • Ensure comprehensive analysis of the housing market
  • Draft strategic contracts and negotiate succinctly and to get your the best deal possible.


  • Free professional real estate portfolio Free home staging
  • High Impact Open Houses
  • Access to top professionals used during the sale of your home
  • Online marketing & social media campaigns
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